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Embrace Urban Culture & Living

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Live Music, Videos and Downloads

Live Music, Videos and Downloads

Come down to the next Mischief event, where you can experience Urban music in all its forms. Experience the very best in Hip, Hop, Grime, Dubstep, Drum and Bass & More »

Rap Artist Mischief & his Collective

Rap Artist Mischief & his Collective

Come and enjoy Live Hip Hop with Mischief & Experience something a little different..Scratch DJ\'s, break Dancers and much More »

Let Mischief show you how rocks the stage!

Let Mischief show you how rocks the stage!

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Great Sound Systems

Great Sound Systems

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Rap videos & Rap News

Rap Videos by Mischief

Mischief has been persevering with the Hip Hop Industry, making Hip Hop & Rap Videos. His Latest Contribution is a Live Session Recorded by The Youtube Channel, ETV. ETV which stands for Elequent Television has been going for quite some time representing underground Rap artists with there own unique Live session video. These Videos really show the quality of each individual artist. Check out there Youtube Channel for more Artists..


Here it is People, Feel free to Like and Share!! Enjoy :)

More Rap Videos to follow:
Watch out for the ‘come try me Music Video coming soon!’
Available to hear on the soundcloud profile page. Follow the link or go to the botton of the ‘Home Page’
More tracks available on the sound Clouspage and also on the ‘Music & Videos’ Page.

Rap Videos, Where all the magic happens

If you like what you see and want ‘Mischief’ to come to your home town. Feel free to get in touch. Mischief is taking Booking throughout 2016. All Releases are available for free viewing on Youtube or Soundcloud.
If you like what you here than you can purchase tracks on i-Tunes & Google Play.

British Rapper Mischief

British Rapper Performing at Band on the Wall Manchester

British Rapper Mischief

was born and brought up in Greater Manchester UK. He has spent a lot of his spare time involved in Contemporay arts such as making music and writing songs, break dancing & even understanding/writing Computer programming languages. As the British Rapper identity was still not really established, Mischief discovered Rap & Hip Hop through Soundtracks of movies he used to watch in the 80’s with his family. On many occassions the films were over 15 or 18 and Mischief would only be allowed to watch at max, the end credits. It was a backing track of the end credits that first stood out to Mischief. This was a Rap/Hip Hop track. As the film had to go back to video shop, Mischief had no more Hip Hop/Rap music to listen to and this was before the Hip Hop Boom. He then started to write his own songs as a result. It was only way after the Boom before Mischief actually had a chance to record his songs profesionally.

British Rap by then was well established and the Face of the British Rapper was pretty much in Concrete. Now that Mischief can record and distribute his music sucessfully without an Record label backing him, as an Independent British Rapper, he is beginning to turn heads and has started his own campaign to change the face of the British Rapper.

As a British Rapper Mischief wants to show the UK and the rest of the world what real British Hip Hop is. Something that has been achieved by a handful hear in Britain.

Many Northern Rappers leave and head South but the Industry has opened up immensely. Mischief is able to make moves all over Manchester. Check out Mischief tracks in your spare time…

Enjoy the Music by Mischief on Youtube & Soundcloud. You can Also Download Music from i-Tunes & GooglePlay

Rapper Mischief to Date

Rapper Mischief in the Studio

Rapper Mischief to Date:

Rapper Mischief has been regularly attending Studio Sessions to put together the long awaited album…Spending a good few hours a day writing raps and rehearsing before putting lyrics down in the studio..

One of his favorate song at the moment is ‘Pharoahe Monch – My Life’

Pharoahe Monch is acclaimed for his complex rapping technique. This track featuring styles P has had a great impact on Rapper Mischief

The Lyric ‘ I Ain’t got freinds, I got Enemies and if there with me then it means there my brother N*ggaz’ stands out to him on this track..

Other Songs include: Mobb Deep – Shook ones pt 2, Tupac – Keep ya Head Up, Changes etc. Wu tang – Mystery of Chess Boxing, Protect ya neck, Onyx – Raze it up, Shut em down, Biggie one more Chance, 10 Crack Commandments, Naz – Naz is like, You Can Hate me feat.P.Diddy and more

Rapper Mischief has seen been on this from the word go..  He is always looking for new ways to enhance his career. This can be difficult especially getting access to promotion such as Radio and even Television…

Rapper Mischief has had to put up with a lot of unhealthy compitition from People that he believes, is Discrimination or envy.

Either way Rapper Mischief has found more creative ways to promote himself using his Youtube Channel other Youtube Channels and his official Internet Page….

Rapper Mischief has Dedicated so many man hours to deliver you an Album that is unlike anything you have heard…

for a snippet check out: https://soundcloud.com/mischief_sounds

If you wanna know more contact Rapper Mischief on Email: info@mischief.me.uk

or (+44)7459633146